September 8, 2009

Ian Willis Sworn in as San Leandro Police Chief

Interim San Leandro Police Chief Ian Willis was sworn in as San Leandro Police Chief at the September 8, 2009, meeting of the San Leandro City Council. Willis' family and friends, former Police Chief Dale Attarian, and about a dozen San Leandro police officers were on hand to witness the ceremony, which included his wife pinning on his badge.

Willis was appointed Police Chief on August 6, 2009, while the City Council was in its August recess and this was the first meeting of the City Council since the appointment.

Willis is San Leandro's ninth police chief since 1928, when San Leandro's top law enforcement official was given that title. Prior to 1928, the top position was town marshall.

Here is a list of the eight previous San Leandro police chiefs:

  • Joseph F. Peralta
  • Artel J. Lamoureaux
  • Thomas J. Rogers
  • Kenneth Swanson
  • Donald F. Becker
  • Robert J.P. Maginnis
  • Joseph Kitchen
  • Dale Attarian

Peralta, a direct descendant of Don Luis Peralta, was the longest serving top police official, serving as town marshall from 1912 until 1928 and police chief from 1928 to 1945.

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