September 3, 2009

Eden CEO Threatens to Call Sherriff to Disperse Hospital Meeting Attendees

At today's meeting of the Eden Township Healthcare District, members of the public have been prohibited from offering any public testimony on the one agenda item.

The agenda item was for consultation with legal counsel about Sutter Health' exercise of its option to purchase San Leandro Hospital. Unlike other public entities and previous meetings of the Eden Township Healthcare District, the public was not given an opportunity to comment on the closed session agenda.

According to attendee Mia Ousley, Eden Medical Center CEO George Bischalaney has threatened to call the Alameda County Sheriff to disperse the would-be attendees of the meeting. Those attendees included San Leandro Councilmembers Jim Prola and Michael Gregory, former San Leandro Mayor Shelia Young, and representatives from Alameda County Supervisor Alice Lai-Bitker and California State Senator Ellen Corbett.

Update: The attendees were being locked out of the building as of 6:35pm.

Correction: Councilmember Joyce Starosciak was among the would-be attendees and the attendees were locked out of the meeting room, not the building.

Posted by Mike Katz-Lacabe at September 3, 2009 6:18 PM | TrackBack

Facts not insinsuations!
I think it is important to be factual. I received the telephone call from the CEO, he said that he would like someone from the District (we were guests at the Hospital) to speak to the group and ask them not to crowd the halls and that he had no wish to call the Sheriff's office,which had been suggested to him.
It is important, periodically, to set the record straight. If some Board member or members asked the public to come and "force" the board to open the meeting, they were being dishonest and doing the pulbic a disservice.
Legal counsel advised the District on the risks of releasing infomation to the other party in a dispute, when a legal action is pending.
I am amazed that people who want the board's assistance can be as hostile as they are when seeking assistance.
Dev Mahadevan
Chief Executive Officer
Eden Township Healthcare District

Posted by: Dev Mahadevan at September 4, 2009 11:04 AM

I don't know what "facts" Mr. Mahadevan is questioning. He wasn't present when the security guard said George Bischalaney said to call the sheriff if we did not disperse. The conversation was recorded on video by Mike Brannan of the California Nurses Association.

We are not "seeking the board's assistance" but rather its understanding of -- and cooperation with -- the public for whom the fate of San Leandro Hospital is a top priority. If the public believes that this elected body is in violation of the Brown Act and not allowing proper public input, then this board should respect that and do what it can for its constituents, not bow to the wishes of Sutter and its personnel.

Posted by: Mia Ousley at September 4, 2009 2:19 PM

Sounds like they're just following the Barrackness Monster's healthcare debate dissent-quashing playbook. It just shows how comitted they are to their agenda of disenfranchising San Leandrean's from healthcare cause they too po'.

Posted by: Frank at September 4, 2009 2:55 PM
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