December 1, 2008

City Council Votes for Partial Dredging and Banning Alcohol in Parks

The San Leandro City Council voted to ban alcohol in parks and open spaces and to partially dredge the San Leandro Marina Harbor at its December 1, 2008, meeting.

The Shoreline-Marina Committee of the City Council considered three options for the future of the boat harbor at the Marina: Option 1: do nothing; Option 2: a complete dredging; and Option 3: a partial dredging. The Shoreline-Marina Committee recommended Option 3, which was approved by the City Council. According to the staff report, Option 3 was as follows:

This would entail closing the Harbor or converting it to a small boat facility, while parts of the rest of the marina would be improved to meet the overall recreational objective. Under this option, 85,000 cubic yards of material will have to be dredged from the federal channel and disposed of in the next two years. The cost of dredging will be fully covered by the COE [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers] with the available allocation, but the City would have to cover the dredge disposal cost of about $2,000,000, partially from the available harbor area dredging allocation of slightly more than $1,000,000. Maintenance dredging and material removal (about 50,000 cubic yards) would have to be undertaken in about five years at a cost of about $2,200,000 to $3,500,000. A four-year cycle maintenance dredge will ensure a continued use of the Marina for small boats and crafts.

The use of alcohol at city parks was discussed at four meetings of the Recreation and Parks Commission and on November 4, 2008, the Facilities and Transportation Committee recommended that alcohol be banned at parks and open spaces. The ordinance has an exception for City-sponsored events that have prior approval of the City Council. These events would likely include the Sausage & Suds Festival and the Cherry Festival.

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