November 20, 2008

San Leandro Police Chief Attarian to Retire by End of 2008

According to a press release issued November 20, 2008, San Leandro Police Chief Dale Attarian will retire at the end of 2008. In the press release, Attarian cites the housing market and the "goal that the City’s Chief live in town" as one of the reasons for his decision to retire.

Attarian served with the San Leandro Police Department for 29 years and replaced Joe Kitchen, who retired in January 2007. When Attarian was promoted to Chief in January 2007, he said that he intended to move from Dublin to San Leandro.

San Leandro's Interim City Manager Steve Hollister noted that Attarian "has had an outstanding career with the San Leandro Police Department, and his professionalism and dedication are widely respected."

See below for the complete text of the press release.

November 20, 2008 Public Info Officer
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Police Chief Dale Attarian to Retire in December

San Leandro Police Chief Dale S. Attarian will retire at the end of 2008, after serving with the San Leandro Police Department for nearly 30 years. In his role as Police Chief, Attarian had targeted several key goals for the department, first among them was to foster greater interaction with the community in an effort to deter crime. He reinstituted and expanded a formal Crime Prevention Program for both residents and businesses and recently launched an interactive web site where residents and businesses receive crime statistics and trend information quickly and easily. He also worked to reduce quality of life issues related to blight through stepped up code enforcement, an effort that has significantly reduced citizen complaints to City Hall. In addition, Chief Attarian initiated annual reports and organizational updates to better layout the accomplishments and resource needs of the department.

“The decision to retire has not been easy, given the recent successes of the department and the many programs yet to be pursued,” stated Chief Attarian. “But many issues have weighed into this decision, not the least of which is the important goal that the City’s Chief live in town. When I was appointed just a couple of years ago, the housing market was already in decline and other stagnating home sales in my neighborhood made it fiscally impossible for my family to move. Unfortunately, my retirement may be one more victim of the housing crunch. I have been truly honored to serve the San Leandro community these many years and have worked hard to accomplish some important goals early on in my tenure as Chief. I know these programs will continue to enhance the Police Department’s already high quality of services to this community into the future.”

As a member of the San Leandro Police Department for nearly 30 years, Attarian had previously served as the Department’s Police Captain, overseeing both the Bureau of Operations, which includes all uniformed personnel, and the Bureau of Service, which includes all support services and staff for communications, records and the jail.

“Dale Attarian has been an effective and progressive Police Chief, accomplishing many important goals in his tenure,” stated Interim City Manager Hollister. “He has had an outstanding career with the San Leandro Police Department, and his professionalism and dedication are widely respected. He will be missed throughout the community.”
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Posted by Mike Katz-Lacabe at November 20, 2008 2:46 PM | TrackBack

The Daily Review reports that Chief Attarian, a 29-year veteran of the force and top dog, only earns $154K per year. That might seem like a lot, Jermanis got $250K per year, and he drove the town into the ground; didn't manage as many people. Our superintendant of schools makes over $200K per year. I think the City Clerk even gets $125K per year--and that's just a glorified secretary job. San Leandro has it's pay priorities out of whack if the chief earns that much less than the city manager. I can't blame Chief Attarian for retiring, and wish him the best of luck.

Posted by: Frank at November 24, 2008 11:12 AM
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