November 6, 2008

San Leandro School Board Approves Bid for Ninth Grade Campus

At its meeting on November 6, 2008, the San Leandro School Board approved a bid by Jeff Luchetti Construction to build a Ninth Grade campus at the intersection of 138th Avenue and East 14th Street. There were 13 bidders for the project and the lowest bid was $21,258,000. The next lowest bids were $21,457,000 from S.J. Amoroso Construction and $21,807,000 from Gonsalves & Stronck.

The winning bid was $1,442,000 under the initial construction budget of $22.7 million.

The Ninth Grade Campus is one of the projects funded by Measure B, the $109 million bond passed by San Leandro voters in November 2006. The Ninth Grade Campus is intended to alleviate overcrowding at San Leandro High School. Measure B will also fund construction of an arts education center at San Leandro High School, expansion of the high school library, and a new parking lot to make way for the arts education center. Measure B will also fund modernizations at many schools, including replacements of roofs at many schools and new restrooms.

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