November 5, 2008

Voters Approve Two of Three San Leandro Tax Measures

San Leandro voters approved a change in the utility users tax and a 911 tax, but a police services parcel tax failed to get the two-thirds majority needed for approval.

With all 48 precincts reporting, Measure RR passed with 83.01% of voters in favor (18,000) and 16.6% (3,684) opposed. RR reduced the existing utility users' tax, but widened the number of services that are now subject to being taxed.

Measure SS passed with 77.94% of voters in favor (16,864) and 22.06% (4,773) opposed. SS converted an existing 911 Emergency Communication System Access Fee into a tax. The City Council approved this ballot measure because of a court decision that invalidated a similar fee in Union City.

Measure TT failed with 55.08% of voters in favor (11,739) and 44.92% (9,575) opposed. TT needed a two-thirds majority to pass. TT would have instituted a parcel tax of $48 per year for single-family homes and differing amounts for other types of properties to maintain current levels of police services.

Since Measures RR and SS are essentially revenue neutral, the City Council will be forced to look for alternatives to raise revenue or cut expenditures to close its budget deficit.

The "Yes for Public Safety" committee campaigned for the three measures, with the San Leandro Police Officers Association providing most of the funding. The committee was chaired by former San Leandro Mayor Shelia Young and former San Leandro City Manager John Jermanis served as Treasurer.

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