October 23, 2008

San Leandro School Board Candidates Sound Off at Candidate Forum

As a candidate forum held at All Saints Church on October 19, 2008, Hermy Almonte and Rick Richards, candidates for the San Leandro School Board Area 1 seat, provided the sharpest contrast, with Almonte criticizing Richards for the School District's legal fees and Richards defending his decisions in a difficult year.

In the At-Large seat, former Presidential candidate Don Grundmann faced off against Morgan Mack-Rose's representative, Andy Kopp. Candidates Mark Tichy and Ray Davis did not attend, despite telling organizers that they would attend.

The forum was captured on video and here are the School Board candidates' opening statements:

Hermy Almonte:

Rick Richards:

Don Grundmann:

Morgan Mack-Rose:

For more video of the San Leandro School Board candidates answering questions and their closing statements, see below:

The School Board candidates on their qualifications:

The School Board candidates on their top priority:

The School Board candidates on the Transit-Oriented Development Strategy and San Leandro Crossings:

The School Board candidates on why the School Board instead of City Council:

The School Board candidates on finances, morale and teacher salaries:

The School Board candidates' closing statements:

Morgan Mack-Rose
Don Grundmann
Rick Richards
Hermy Almonte

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