September 30, 2008

San Leandro School Board At-Large Candidates in Their Own Words

These are the statements from San Leandro School Board At-Large candidates Morgan Mack-Rose, Don Grundmann, Ray Davis, and Mark Tichy that appear in the voter information pamphlet:

Occupation: Home maker
Age: 37
My education and qualifications are: I am running for the School Board because it's time for a change in priorities. We need to focus on our high drop out rate, end the contentious relationship between our teachers and the School District leadership, and restore the community's trust in our school system. My daughter attends San Leandro public school, where I am a PTA President, and I serve on the District's Budget Advisory Committee. I was an active member of the campaign committee for Measure B, which provides $109 million in construction projects for our schools. San Leandro has one of the highest drop out rates in Alameda County. This must be addressed immediately through intervention programs at early grades before students fall behind. Our schools must reach out to parents as partners in education. We must prepare our students to excel at college and in today's competitive workforce. San Leandro's teachers are our greatest strength and the School Board must be open to their advice. I will insist the leadership truly engage with the community in open, honest dialogue. This is the way to restore trust In our schools and ensure our children receive a quality education. I would be honored to have your vote.

Occupation: Doctor of Chiropractic
My education and qualifications are: Many sources johntaylorgatto com;;; have recognized that our public schools are dismal failures. Parents flee from the public schools since home school students outscore their public school counterparts In all categories. The reason for this is that the political and educational elites "teaching" purpose is "social engineering" - reforming the intellectual and, especially, social development of the child to create a docile member of "the hive," - the elite terminology for dumbing down children like lab rats Instead of educating them. The completely outrageous introduction within the SLUSD of homosexual literature and discussion beginning in kindergarten and extending to homosexual clubs in elementary schools proves that the elites are dedicated to a social engineering war against children rather than true education. Our schools are notorious for graduating students who then need remedial courses to enter higher education facilities. The physical safety of children in our schools is compromised as never before. Citizens must give no money to the SLUSD until the elites surrender in their war against the children. We must demand a return to true education and the end of social engineering. Until and unless the elites surrender parents must save their children by abandoning the public schools.

Occupation: Current School Board Member
My education and qualifications are: Thank you for the privilege of serving you as School Board President and Trustee over the past four years. We have made historic and unprecedented improvements to the education, health and safety of our children. I now ask you to vote for me so that I may continue working on your behalf. Our test scores across all ethnic groups continue to rise with the overall Academic Performance Index exceeding 700 for the first time. We achieved the highest gains in Alameda County. Our equity programs are second to none. We exceed the State's requirements for healthy foods. We embrace diversity. We demand providing a safe environment for all of our students. We successfully passed Measure B that addressed the overcrowding and will create a flagship High School with a Career Technology Center, Arts Education Center with theater, new 9th grade campus and modernize all of our schools. We insured all this will be built with Union Labor. We must now focus on maximizing all of the district's resources to address the pay of our teachers, union members, and other employees. This needs to be accomplished before extending our hands to the Community for continued support of our Schools.

My education and qualifications are: Mark Tichy has been a resident of San Leandro for over 15 years. He is married and has a two year old daughter; therefore, he has a vested interest in the San Leandro School District. Tichy has been involved in City elections for over 10 years; running for City Council and Mayor. Tichy would like to see local businesses support San Leandro schools. Each business would "Adopt a School" in their area. Tichy envisions a City in which teachers and residents opinions count. He doesn't understand how a school board superintendant who is clearly disliked by 90% of teachers can have their contract renewed year after year. Its time to show our school board that we are tired of their old politics and games. Tichy asks that he have the honor and privilege to represent the citizens of San Leandro. Elect a new voice who doesn't play by the old rules.

The At-Large School Board seat is currently held by Stephen Cassidy, who decided not to run for re-election. Cassidy has endorsed Mack-Rose to replace him.

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