July 23, 2008

City Seeks Members for Shoreline Development Citizen Advisory Committee

According to a press release issued on July 23, 2008, the City of San Leandro is seeking 20 to 30 "residents, property and business owners, boating enthusiasts, affordable housing, labor and environmental advocates and members of City boards and commissions" to serve on its Shoreline Development Citizen Advisory Committee.

The mission of the committee is to provide input to the San Leandro City Council and master developer Cal-Coast Development on the future of development of a portion of the San Leandro shoreline.

The committee is expected to meet six times over nine to 18 months on Wednesday evenings, including one or two Saturdays, and may convene as early as October 2008. Applications are available from the Office of Business Development on the second floor of City Hall or online. Applications must be completed and submitted by August 29, 2008.

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