June 19, 2008

San Leandro's 2008 Population Estimated at 81,851

According to data released on May 1, 2008, by the Demographic Research Unit of the California Department of Finance, San Leandro's population was 81,851 as of January 1, 2008. This is a 0.7% increase from San Leandro's estimated population of 81,273 as of January 1, 2007. The 2007 population had previously been estimated at 81,466 and last year's increase was 0.5%.

Alameda County's overall growth rate was 1.3% (1,543,000) and California's was 1.3% (38,049,462), the same as 2007. The fastest growing city in Alameda County was Dublin with a 7.7% growth rate and the slowest growing cities were Berkeley, Piedmont and Newark, with respective growth rates of 0.5%, 0.64%, and 0.65%.

Click here for the E-4 Population Estimates for Cities, Counties and the State, 2001-2008.

Chart of San Leandro population from 2000 to 2008

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