June 2, 2008

Late Campaign Filing by District 6 Candidate Aborashed

In late campaign finance disclosures filed by San Leandro City Council District 6 candidate Wafaa Aborashed on May 30, 2008, Aborashed closed her previous campaign account (FPPC ID # 1265613) and disposed of the account balance of $2,043.56. San Leandro Bytes attempted to contact Aborashed to find out where the balance went, but was unable to reach her.

In a filing for her new campaign account (FPPC ID # 1307344), Aborashed had $1,157 in her campaign account as of May 17, 2008.

During the period from March 18 to May 17, 2008, Aborashed raised a total of $3,119, including a personal loan to her own campaign of $2,000 and contributions of $500 from Anthony Batarse, Jr., chief executive officer of automobile dealer Lloyd A. Wise, $180 from Eva Konigsberg, and $120 from Family Music Circle.

Aborashed spent $1,961 during the reporting period, including $1,200 for her candidate filing and ballot statement, $195 for a list of registered voters, $166 to Site 5 SolusanRoman for web site and email and $114 to Vista Printing for campaign literature.

Click here to see Aborashed's filing.

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