May 9, 2008

San Leandro Teacher Picks Up Sponsor for Video Podcast

Tony Farley's Beautiful Places San Leandro High School teacher Tony Farley has been publishing video podcasts of beautiful natural places since May 2007. Farley combined his job as a teacher in the San Leandro Academy of Multimedia (SLAM) with his love of hiking and the outdoors and now has the backing of On Networks, a producer of a variety of video podcasts.

On Networks provides production assistance and marketing. The assistance from On Networks is most notable in the additional narration. Farley will also get a cut of sales of related DVDs and apparel, when they become available. This will help him fund trips for future episodes farther from home, such as Hawaii. Prior to his current relationship with On Networks, Farley had been courting other possible sponsors, as in this post, "...if someone wants me to come to their neck of the woods, I would be more than happy to come out and do a show that includes something about whatever service they provide."

What is a video podcast? A video podcast is basically a shorter version of something you might see on television. They typically run less than 10 minutes and instead of being produced by major networks, they are usually homemade by enthusiasts. Many video podcasts are available for free and can be accessed using Apple's iTunes or Miro to find and "subscribe." After subscribing to a video podcast, future episodes are downloaded automatically each time you open iTunes or Miro.

So far, Farley's twelve podcasts have focused mainly on California places like Yosemite, Big Sur and Point Reyes with two episodes on Rocky Mountain National Park. Four more episodes have been filmed, but still need to be edited. The podcasts range in size from about 30 megabytes (MB) to 260 MB and all are less than 10 minutes long.

You can subscribe to the video podcasts using iTunes, Miro, and Zune (standard definition only), at The HD podcasts take longer to download, but they're worth it.

Posted by Mike Katz-Lacabe at May 9, 2008 11:09 AM | TrackBack

SO glad to hear of Tony's growing success and sponsorship.

His video podcast show for the travel is fantastic and TOny's a great guy.

Posted by: TIm Warren at September 13, 2008 6:38 AM
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