May 8, 2008

Safety Group Touts Motion-Activated Lights to Fight Crime

The recently-formed group Citizens for a Safer Leandro is working to fund a pilot project to install motion-activated lights in about 500 to 600 homes in each of San Leandro's six council districts. The group made a presentation at the May 5, 2008, meeting of the San Leandro City Council. The cost of the pilot project is estimated at $5,700, and Councilmember Michael Gregory presented the group with a check for $500 from his empowerment fund at the conclusion of their presentation.

The group hopes that installation of the motion sensors will help reduce crime. Subsidies will be provided for those who can't afford the estimated $20 cost and the group will work with another group to get the motion detectors installed. Their goal is to get the sensors installed by mid-summer and to expand the program to the entire city next year.

During the presentation, one of the group's founders, Connie Stephens (wife of City Councilmember Bill Stephens), noted that San Leandro has had six residents killed during 2008, although it was unclear how these were related to crime in San Leandro, since all but one were killed outside of San Leandro.

Stephens also said she was concerned about students gathering at the library after school and noted that a student ran in front of her car without looking as she was parking during a "disturbance" at the library. Stephens told the City Council, "As I parked and went into the library, there were kids everywhere and I couldn't imagine what was going on...I wasn't so much concerned for myself, but my community and the seniors that have built this community deserve better. I think if I was a senior citizen I would be very intimidated to have to walk through that kind of disturbance."

Coverage at the Daily Review.

The entire presentation is posted below:

Connie Stephens:

Judith Collins and John Kaplan:

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