May 5, 2008

BZA Approves Abatement of City Council Candidate's Home

Mark Tichy The Alameda County Health Department and San Leandro Building Department aren't the only ones forcing City Council candidate Mark Tichy to comply with regulations. At its March 20, 2008, meeting, the Board of Zoning Adjustments approved a staff recommendation to "obtain a court order to enter the property and abate the violation" consisting of "Unlawful outdoor storage of items in the front yard."

A complaint about the property, where Tichy resides with his wife Candus Baca, was first received on October 4, 2007. The staff report noted, "Weeds and grasses were approximately 1 1/2 feet tall throughout the property. The driveway was filled with appliances, boxes and miscellaneous debris."

Subsequent visits were made on October 18, 2007, November 12, 2007, November 27, 2007, and March 20, 2008. Although the grass and weeds were cut prior to the October 18, 2007, visit, the items stored in the driveway still haven't been abated and the BZA will require Baca, the property owner, to pay fines of $300 and the cost of the contractor hired to abate the violations.

A photo taken by city staff on one of the visits to the property:

Photo of 2042 Marina Court taken by San Leandro City staff on March 4, 2008

The relevant San Leandro Municipal Code sections are 3-2-205 for the height of the weeds and grass and 3-1-200 for unlawful outdoor storage.

Posted by Mike Katz-Lacabe at May 5, 2008 10:28 PM | TrackBack

This is appalling news. But I don't know which is worse: The fact that this man has no regard for his neighbors, or the fact that he has the audacity of running for a seat in City government AND has the gall to lay blame on OTHERS for what he considers to be overall demise in this fair city.

This man's "home" is clearly ground zero for any and all things related to "demise", and may even be the epicenter of all global warming issues!! He should pay all fines that are to be levied, AND all fees associated with carting off all of that junk. He should also be asked to mow the lawns of all his neighbors for the next year. He should have enough time banked, since he didn't do anything for the past fifteen years.

And if none of that works, he might try relocating to someplace like Merced, where his lawn ornaments might be better appreciated.

Posted by: Harold I. at May 27, 2008 6:07 PM

Tichy and Baca are crooks; does anyone know what this address is so I can have legal papers served there? Thank you!!

Posted by: Brian Divizich at October 24, 2012 11:16 AM
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