April 16, 2008

SLCAN Endorses Reed in District 2 and Prola in District 6

The San Leandro Community Action Network (SLCAN) announced late last night that it is endorsing Ursula Reed for San Leandro City Council District 2 and Jim Prola for District 6. In District 4, SLCAN stated that it recommended, but did not endorse, Joyce Starosciak.

The endorsement of Prola was expected as SLCAN endorsed Prola for the District 6 appointment in February 2007 and Prola was a big supporter of the living wage ordinance and affordable housing, which SLCAN also supports.

SLCAN passed over more experienced candidates Charles Gilcrest and Linda Perry to endorse Reed, who has served on the Library-Historical Commission since February 2006. In its endorsement, SLCAN said that "Reed shares our progressive ideals" and described her as "passionate."

In District 4, with Paul Gonzales having pulled out and Lou Filipovich not taken seriously as a candidate, incumbent Starosciak is the only real option. SLCAN expressed concerns about Starosciak's judgment in recommending rather than endorsing her.

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