April 10, 2008

Sentinels Endorse Gilcrest, Starosciak, and Prola for 2008 City Council

The Sentinels have endorsed Joyce Starosciak for the San Leandro City Council District 4 seat, Charles Gilcrest for District 2, and Jim Prola for District 6. The endorsement of Gilcrest is no surprise since he has been a member of The Sentinels since 2001. More surprising is the endorsement of Prola, who has also been endorsed by the Alameda County Central Labor Council and has been quite active in unions. Philip Daly also received the group's endorsement for District 9 Alameda County Superior Court Judge. The endorsements come with a $1,000 contribution to each of the endorsed candidates.

The Sentinels are a local group of mostly business people that meet on a regular basis and contribute money to candidates that they decide to support. For more information, see Who are The Sentinels?

Only three of the candidates for the District 6 City Council race were interviewed at the group's meeting on April 9, 2008: Jim Prola, Hermy Almonte, and Estelle Clemons. When asked about her absence from the meeting, Wafaa Aborashed said that she had not been invited. Philip Daly, a candidate for Alameda County judge was also interviewed at the same meeting. District 2 City Council candidates Linda Perry, Ursula Reed, and Charles Gilcrest and District 4 City Council candidate Joyce Starosciak were interviewed at an earlier meeting in March 2008.

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