March 19, 2008

Ballot Statements for District 4 Candidates June 2008

San Leandro City Council candidates for District 4 Paul Gonzales and Joyce Starosciak submitted statements that will appear in printed material for the June 3, 2008, election. Lou Filipovich did not submit a candidate statement. San Leandro Bytes scanned in copies obtained from the San Leandro City Clerk. Any typographical errors in the statements are likely from optical character recognition used to convert the statements to text.

See below for the complete statements for each candidate.

Paul Gonzales

My education and qualifications are: I received my Army Commission in 1981 and served on Active Duty until 2005, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. I returned to San Leandro in 2000 and noticed many changes, some good, some bad. My neighbors are concerned about the declining education of our School Districts and the rising crime. Citizens want to keep out the influx of juvenile delinquents in our community. Let's insist that developing parts of San Leandro follow through with demolitions to eliminate urban blight and make a decision on dredging the Marina, then make it happen. Our senior citizens want and deserve a safe and friendly environment and our young families deserve great schools and recreational activities that keep them here in San Leandro. I was on the Board of Directors for the First San Leandro Charter School and am on the Board of Directors for A.C.T. for Mental Health, San Jose. I have a BA in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration. I will get results, bring fiscal responsibility and common sense decision making to the City Council. I am married and have 3 grown children and 1 Grandson. I would appreciate your vote and support on Election Day. Thank You.


Joyce Starosciak

My education and qualifications are: Graduation from San Leandro High School at the top of my class. I hold a BS in engineering with Honors from Harvey Mudd College and a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech. I've done my homework and am honored to serve you as the City of San Leandro District 4 Councilmember. In my time on the Council, the City has fully recovered from a $3M budget deficit, returning 8 police officer positions, Sunday Library hours, the Cherry Festival, and a fully funded reserve account.

In District 4, the City saw the opening of the Manor Branch Library and the San Leandro Family Aquatics Center at Washington Manor Park. Through my personal efforts, the Manor Branch Library received over $12,000 in private donations to fill the shelves with new books.

Over my term I have worked to improve communication in District 4 with an email news update, an annual Security Summit, and the revitalization of the Washington Manor Homeowners Association.

My vision for San Leandro includes a revitalized Marina Shoreline, improving public safety, attracting more business, and creating safe destinations for youth, seniors, residents and guests. Please cast your vote for Joyce Rutledge Starosciak, District 4 City Councilmember.

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