January 27, 2008

Ursula Reed Enters the Race for the District 2 City Council Seat

On January 24, 2008, Ursula Reed submitted paperwork to the San Leandro City Clerk indicating her intention to run for the District 2 City Council seat currently held by Surlene Grant. Grant is being termed out after nearly 10 years in office.

Although the filing period doesn't open until February 11, 2008, the Candidate Intention Statement (FPPC Form 501) is needed before a candidate can begin fundraising.

Reed has been a member of the San Leandro Library-Historical Commission since February 2006 and works for the Oakland Unified School District as the Coordinator of the Truancy Attendance Program. Reed has also been a teacher and a principal at Markham Elementary in Hayward.

Other possible candidates include Board of Zoning Adjustments member Charles Gilcrest, who is already seeking endorsements, and San Leandro School Board Trustee, Linda Perry, who hasn't decided yet whether to enter the race.

Reed, Gilcrest, and Perry all attended a recent event for candidates, which seems to indicate there will be at least a three-way race for the District 2 City Council seat.

Posted by Mike Katz-Lacabe at January 27, 2008 3:18 PM | TrackBack

I would say anyone but Charles Gilcrest. He's the "brainchild" behind San Leandro politics--the political consultant to whom all the currently elected "leaders" paid homage for his "politcal consulting services." It sounds like he's a supporter of higher taxes that produce income for his butt-buddies (e.g., Galvan); and the one who advised Tony Santos to turn a blind eye to crime and yell at Cintas for obeying federal employment law. I'd like to know just how deep the corruption runs in San Leandro gub'mint; but I don't think things will ever be transparent as long as guys like Gilcrest are around...

Posted by: Frank Lynn at January 29, 2008 8:13 AM

Frank, I think you are being very unfair to Charlie. And indeed, I don't think you know very much about him. I'm pretty involved in San Leandro politics, and I think that while Charles is definitely a fixture - as someone who has been active in democratic politics since college, and who has helped run and has run many political campaigns - I don't see him as the patron saint of San Leandro politics. Many people like Charlie and listen to him because he's nice, smart and knowledgeable - not because he has some type of special power. And he is only one of the two campaign managers who have most of the San Leandro business. Shawn Wilson is the other one - he ran Polvorosa's and Lismer's campaigns (if you remember, Lismer ran against Mike for school board). He is also a nice guy.

What's particularly funny about your post, is that Charlie is one of the most open people I know - definitely not someone who is trying to hide corruption at city hall (and you know what a big critic of city hall I am).

There are a couple of things against Charlie that will probably keep me from endorsing him for city council (not that my endorsement is of any use, or that he would even ask for it). One is that he has been very involved in the Chamber of Commerce, and the other is that he is a member of the Sentinels - a conservative PAC that operates mostly on San Leandro. But I would think these would be things /you/ would like about him. He's likely to be the most pro-business candidate for district 2.

Posted by: Marga at January 30, 2008 11:01 AM
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