November 12, 2007

Eden Township Healthcare Board Votes to Give Up Oversight Role

With more than 120 people packed into a conference room at Eden Medical Center for the November 12, 2007, meeting, the Eden Township Healthcare District Board voted 4 to 1 to give up its governing role over Eden Medical Center for a promise by Sutter Health to replace the hospital. Board members Harry Dvorsky, Walter Kram, Rajendra Ratnesar and Frank Rico voted to accept the contract. They all work or have worked as physicians at Eden Medical Center and San Leandro Hospital. Carole Rogers, a former nurse, was the sole vote against the contract. Rogers had motioned to delay the vote pending an opinion by the Attorney General on whether the board could legally remove itself from oversight of the hospital. The motion failed as none of the other board members seconded the motion.

The agreement means that San Leandro Hospital will remain open until 2009, but Sutter can decide to end services at San Leandro Hospital after 2009.

Public comment was limited to two minutes per speaker and a total of 90 minutes. Many of the two dozen advocates were employees and doctors who worked for Eden Medical Center and San Leandro Hospital. A slightly smaller number of opponents of the plan to dissolve the elected board included State Senator Ellen Corbett, and State Assemblymembers Alberto Torrico and Mary Hayashi. A number of speakers reminded the board members of Measure A, which was passed by voters in 1997 and promised to preserve local control with a publicly-elected board.

Eden Medical Center opened in 1954 and needs to be replaced because it doesn't meet current seismic standards.

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