October 24, 2007

The Mayor's Trip to China

On October 16, 2007, San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos headed a delegation of local business leaders on a 10-day trip to Yangchun, China. In June 2007, the City of San Leandro established a "friendship city" relationship with the Chinese city of more than one million people.

The delegation includes District 5 Councilmember Bill Stephens and Assistant City Manager Steve Hollister. Members of the business community included Ken Pon, Charles Gilcrest, Benny Lee, president of the Asian Community Cultural Association, Arlene Lum, president of the city's Asian Business Council, and San Leandro Chamber of Commerce CEO Diana Gentry and President Robert Brannan.

The itinerary included dinners hosted by Yangchun government officials, Yangjiang government, Zhongshan government, Zhuhai government, and a dinner at a Portuguese restaurant in Macau. Other activities included tours of Macau, Zhuhai, and Hong Kong and visits to Yangchun's development area and tourist attractions, the China Import & Export Fair in Guangzhou, and the Macau Investment & Trade Fair. Councilmember Stephens and Assistant City Manager Hollister opted out of visiting Macau and Hong Kong.

According to San Leandro City Clerk Marian Handa, no City funds are being used to pay for the trip. Former San Leandro Mayor Shelia Young visited Israel in May 2004 and according to her financial disclosure form, $3,500 for the trip was a gift from the American Jewish Congress.

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They should have included some school board or other educators on the trip. Ken Robinson a prominent education speaker and author who addressed a recent Governor's Conference (carried on CSPAN)claimed that with the conservative "No child left behind" (no child's behine left) that China's school system is now more liberal than ours.
I just finished a good book called "The Box" about shipping containers on how it dramatically boosted trade by significantly lowering the cost of shipping. Most items made in China that are shipped here cost next to nothing to ship, pennies per item. We got cheap imports from China but gave away good jobs in the process.
China is also a place where there are few urban slums which is incredible since it is so huge. An India American pundit claimed a person in China needs papers proving they have an actual job in the city they are migrating to before they can move to that city. Most other cities in third world countries are surrounded by shanty towns where a huge percent of the population lives.

Posted by: Craig at October 27, 2007 4:34 PM
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