July 27, 2007

The Reasons Behind our Street Names

As part of San Leandro's centennial celebration in 1972, the city commissioned a history of San Leandro. Harry E. Shaffer authored this history entitled, "A Garden Grows in Eden." The book covers San Leandro's history from the first Spanish expedition that crossed through San Leandro in 1772 until about World War II. You can get your own copy of the book at the San Leandro History Museum and Gallery.

Many of San Leandro's street names come from its earliest residents, owners, developers, lawyers, and even the wife of an early city engineer.

In Shaffer's "A Garden Grows in Eden," he writes, "...the list [of street names] is only a start. Perhaps readers can help us add to it." Below are the names of many San Leandro streets and who or what they were named for.

StreetNamed forChanged
Alice Ave.prob. Alice A. Young, wife of Charles A. Young, owners
Antonio St.Antonio Estudillo, son of Don Joaquin
Bancroft Ave.H. P. Bancroft, Sec. of Breed & Bancroft, developersfrom Santa Clara St.
Begier Ave.I.H. Begier
Belleview Dr.prob. developer Belleview (Belleview Gardens subdiv.)
Best Ave.Daniel Best, whose children subdivided the property
Billings Blvd.Ray L. Billings
Bradhoff Ave.Lloyd Bradhoff of Bradrick Homes, subdivider
Bradrick Ave.Bradrick Homes, subdivider
Breed Ave.A. H. Breed, Pres. of Breed & Bancroft, developers
Bridge Rd.R. C. Bridge (& wife Helen L.) and E. S. Bridge (& wife Emma Lou), owners
Callan Ave.Father James Callan, first resident pastor of St. Leander's parish
Carpentier St.Horace Carpentier
Cary Dr.T. P. Cary & children, Amzi B. Cary & Lucy (Cary) Walrath (who subdivided the estate) T.P. Cary provided the land for San Leandro's Library
Castro St.Guillermo Castro, owner of Spanish grant to southeast (Castro Valley)
Clarke St.Henry Kirk White Clarke, attorney for Ward & Estudillos against the squatters (for ex. George Zimmerman)
Collier Dr.C. H. Collier (& wife Avis M. Collier), owner
Dabner St.John Pimentel Dabner, owner
Davis St.Wm. Heath Davis
Diehl Ave.Fred W. Diehl & wife Lena A. Diehl, owners
Donovan Dr.J.J. Donovan
Doolittle Dr.Jimmy Doolittle who led raid on Tokyo in W.W.IIfrom Bayshore & Shoreline Blvds.
Dowling Blvd.Geo. F. Dowling, Gertrude M. Dowling & Catherine C. (Dowling) Slattery, owners, & prob. descendants of Richard Dowling
Durant Ave.Durant Motor Car Co. & founder Cliff Durant (Co. was where Chevy plant now is)from Stanley Rd.
Dutton Ave.widow Jane Dutton, owner & pioneerfrom Chicken Lane
Elsie Ave.Miss Elsie Nugent, dau. of Magdalena Estudillo Nugent
Estabrook St.George Estabrook Smith, County Clerk & subdivider for Jacob W. Harlan
Estudillo St.Don Jose Joaquin Estudilloto San Leandro Blvd.
Eveleth Ave.Larry Eveleth (of Linton, Sundberg & Eveleth, developers)
Farrelly Dr.R.S. Farrelly
Garcia Ave.Joseph Garcia or descendants Manuel H., Joseph H. and Frank H. Garcia (owners)
Graff Ave.A. W. Graff (possibly miswritten for Robert W. Graff), owner
Haas Ave.John L. Haas & wife Mary (Reid) Haas, owners
Harlan St.Jacob Wright Harlan, owner
Harrison St.? (named by Jesus Maria Estudillo)
Hays St.Col. Jack C. Hays
Haywards Rd.to E. 14th St.
Hellman Ave.I. W. Hellman Jr.,former owner
Hepburn St.Hiatt P. Hepburn, of Hepburn & Saunders, attorneys for Estudillos against the squattersto W. Joaquin Ave.
Holland Ave.Edward J. Holland, ownerto Halcyon Ave.
Huff St.Socrates Huff
Hutchings Dr.E.F. Hutchings
Hyde St.? (named by Jesus Maria Estudillo)
Joaquin Ave.Don Jose Joaquin Estudillo, grantee of Rancho San Leandro
Juana Ave.Doña Juana M. Estudillo
Knox Ave.Lewis Knox (by widow, owner)to 143rd Ave.
Lemon Ave.part of Orange Grove tractto Euclid Ave.
Leo Ave.Clarence Leo Best, owner
Lewelling Blvd.John Lewelling & son Eli Lewelling, owners
Lewis Ave.George A. Lewis, Pres. of Lewis & Mitchell Inc., developers
Linton St.George W. Linton of Linton, Sundberg & Eveleth, developers
Lloyd Ave.Lloyd Bradhoff, subdivider of Bradrick Homes
Lola St."Tia Lola" Dolores (Estudillo) Cushing, dau. of Don Joaquin
Manthey Ave.Chas. E. Manthey, Pres. of Hollywood Land Co.to pt. of Broadmoor Blvd.
Martinez St.Ignacio Martinez, Spanish Don, father-in-law of Joaquin Estudillo
Maud Ave.Miss Maud Nugent, dau. of Magdalena Estudillo Nugent
McKinley Ct.Chas. A. & Pauline McKinley, ownersfrom Shirk Ave
Melvin Ct.prob. Melvin E. Lyon, trustee for Peralta Land Co. in Hollywood subdivision
Mitchell Ave.Arthur R. Mitchell, Sec. of Lewis & Mitchell Inc., developers
Mulford Gardenssubdivided by Gertrude H. (Mulford) Collins (dau. of Thos. W. Mulford) & husband Robert H. Collins
Oakes Blvd.William Edward ("Billy") Oakes, ownerfrom Palm Ave.
Orchard Ave.prob. for George Smith's cherry orchards; he subdivided
Parrott St.John Parrott of S. F., testified for Juana Estudillo against squatters
Pelton Center WayAllen E. Pelton
Peralta St.Don Luis Peralta
Ramon St.Ramon Estudillo, son of Don Joaquinnow vacated
Reva Ave.wife of Cliff Cline of City Engineer's Dept.
Rodney Dr.poss. R. C. Bridge if R. stands for Rodney
Ruhe St.Bert Ruhe, Sec. of Hollywood Land Co.now vacated
St. Mary Ave.Joseph St. Mary & wife Sophie St. Mary, owners
Sandelin Ave.Fred Sandelin, proprietor of tract
Saunders St.R. F. Saunders, of Hepburn & Saunders, attorneys for Estudillos against the squattersto West Juana Ave.
Shirk Ave.A. Shirk, ownerto McKinley Ct.
Stoakes Ave.Benjamin Franklin Stoakes or children who subdivided, i.e. Frank C. Stoakes & Flora (Stoakes) Rider
Sundberg Ave.Sundberg of Linton, Sundberg & Eveleth, developers
Sybil Ave.Miss Sybil Nugent, dau. of Magdalena Estudillo Nugent (named by Jesus Maria Estudillo)
Sybil St.Miss Sybil Nugent, dau. of Magdalena Estudillo Nugent (named by Jesus Maria Estudillo)to Jefferson St.
Thornton St.Harry Inness Thornton, Federal Commissioner appt. 1851 to settle Mexican & Spanish land grant titles, S. F. lawyer
Toler Ave.William P. Toler, son-in-law of Ignacio Peralta; built what is now the Alta Mira Clubhouse in 1860
Valita Dr.wife of Charles Martin, City Engineer
Valley St.Wayne Valley of Valley & Lincoln subdividers
Ward Ave.John B. Wardto Estudillo Ave
Ward St.John B. Wardto W. Estudillo Ave
Warren Ave.poss. for owners W. A. Brown & wife Mary R. Brown
Wicks Blvd.Moses Wicks & family, owners
Williams St.John J. Williams, S. F. law partner of Harry I. Thornton & James D. Thornton

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