July 9, 2007

City Council Unanimously Denies Grocery Outlet Appeal

At a public hearing on July 9, 2007, the City Council unanimously denied an appeal by Grocery Outlet and Norcal AI, LLC, of the city's classification of Grocery Outlet as a supermarket and not a neighborhood grocery store. More than 50 people attended the meeting and more than 20 people spoke during public comments with about half supporting Grocery Outlet and half opposing it.

The first speaker noted that Grocery Outlet describes itself as a supermarket on its own web site: "Grocery Outlet is the shopping experience you expect from supermarkets..." and "We compete with conventional and discount supermarkets, supercenters, club stores, Dollar and 99 Cent Only! stores, closeout retailers..." Other commenters opposed to the store noted that the store didn't fit in to the City's Downtown Transit-Oriented Development Strategy. Those in support of the store appreciated the bargains offered by the "extreme-value retailer."

City Councilmembers reported receiving overwhelming email opposed to Grocery Outlet.

Eric Nelson, entitlement director of Red Mountain Retail Group, made his case for Grocery Outlet as a tenant, claiming that most of the shoppers that would go to the store would come from within two miles.

Eric Nelson
Eric Nelson of Red Mountain Retail Group

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