May 24, 2007

Film Screening of "All About Darfur"

SLCAN cordially invites you once again to its documentary film series:

Thursday, June 7
7–8:30 pm
at Zocalo Coffeehouse
645 Bancroft Avenue

“All About Darfur”
a film by Taghreed Elsanhouri

In this film, ordinary Sudanese talk about how the deeply rooted prejudices suddenly burst into wild fires of ethnic violence. Avoiding gory footage, the film offers Sudanese men and women the opportunity to present their own suggestions on the war in their country.

The film won the chairperson's Prize at the 2005 Zanzibar International Film Festival and was selected for the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival and the 2005 Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival.

There will be a speaker after the film. There will also be a discussion and provide action items for those wanting to take individual, community, or political action.

Silvestro Akara Bakhiet from the New Sudan Generation (NSG) organization will be our guest speaker. Silvestro, a native of Southern Sudan, founded the NSG in San Francisco in 2000. The organization’s mission is to assist people in war-ravaged Southern Sudan as they work to recover from decades of war. As part of their efforts, they help refugees and displaced persons to rebuild their communities.

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