October 7, 2006

Mayoral Race Campaign Finances from July to September 2006

Mayoral candidate OB Badger raised $12,537 from July 1 through September 30, 2006, bringing his total raised to $52,324.50 since the beginning of the year. Contributions of $1,000 were received from Applied Fusion, Frank Ghiglione, Inc., and Hayward attorney John K. Smith and contributions of $500 were received from Robert Molinaro, owner of Pleasanton Garbage Service, Sunol Valley Golf Club, Jack Maltester, Thomas & Judy Dlugosh, Robert Maginnis, and Aladdin Depot. Badger is a former member of The Sentinels, and members of The Sentinels and companies associated with their members collectively contributed $3,500 to Badger's campaign.

Expenditures included $10,548.75 to Adept Printing (of which only $1,000 was paid), $1,820 to Suzanne Pershing, $1,598 to Linda Kittlitz & Associates, and $1,199.83 to AT&T for office expenses. As of September 30, 2006, Badger had spent $92,540.20 since the beginning of the year and had $8,265.08 on hand.

Click here to see the complete disclosures for OB Badger for this period.

During the same period, his opponent, Tony Santos, raised $13,050, including an $8,000 loan to himself, bringing his total raised since the beginning of the year to $50,058. Anthony Batarse, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of Lloyd A. Wise Inc. and owner of Marina Media Vision, contributed $2,500. Contributions of $500 each were received from Eden Realty, Newport Apartments, and the law firm Furtado, Jaspovice & Simons.

Santos' campaign spent $1,800 on slate mailers from Early Voter Guide and California Voter Guide, and $5,000 to Charles Gilcrest for campaign consulting. Santos has spent $48,601 since the beginning of the year and had $8,621 on hand as of September 30, 2006.

Click here to see the complete disclosures for Tony Santos for this period.

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