September 7, 2006

McKinley PTO Meeting shows great things to come

Last night was the first meeting of McKinley's elementary PTO for the year. In recent years the PTO had suffered for a lack of participation but it seems parents are showing more enthusiasm and commitment to the school. About 30 parents crowded the small library room where the meeting was held. They included people from all ethnic backgrounds and the whole socio-economic spectrum, including several non-English speakers. There was much enthusiasm for participating in the fundraisers planned for the year, and new fundraisers that were proposed.

Fundraisers for this year will include a Bookfair, a BBQ Night, a "Gift Tree" and a greeting card fundraiser. A Halloween Party and a Night Under the Stars/Pizza Night with an Astronomer are among the activities planned.

The McKinley PTO also voted to endorse Measure B, the School Bond measure that will build a 9th grade academy, a performing's art center and provide much needed repairs for all the schools in San Leandro.

The next PTO meeting will be on Oct. 4th.

Go McKinley!

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