September 5, 2006

Flooding? In San Leandro?

Although it's unlikely, the failure of the dam at Lake Chabot would be devastating for San Leandro. Inundation maps showing time it would take water from the dam to reach areas of San Leandro and the depth of the water are available at San Leandro City Hall, the county's Emergency Operation Center in San Leandro and in the Office of Emergency Services.

In the Daily Review article, San Leandro's Public Information Officer Jane McCrea states, "It's very difficult if not impossible to say what the scenario would be if the dam broke." "We'll use the alerting and warning system and get information out as quickly as we can. I don't think we can say, 'Here's this plan and you're going to follow it for a dam failure.' The city is putting its effort into disasters that are more likely. There are a limited amount of emergency resources."

David Larson, chairman of the geography and environmental studies department at California State University, East Bay, describe McCrea's reasoning as "faulty logic."

Lake Chabot contains an estimated three billion gallons of water and is about a quarter mile from the Hayward Fault. The Upper San Leandro Reservoir contains an additional 13 billion gallons of water.

Also see this Daily Review article for more information.

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