September 1, 2006

Camaro Crashes Into Parked Cars Near Le Soleil on E.14th Street

A brand new black Chevy Camaro smashed into two parked vehicles at approximately 6:50pm Thursday night, August 31, 2006, frightening customers at Le Soleil and Baskin Robbins near Pelton Center. The force of the crash broke the front suspension of a Honda Accord and pushed a Chevy Trailblazer up onto the sidewalk, bending a parking meter and breaking the vehicle's rim. After the crash, the heavily-damaged Camaro backed up and sped away. Witnesses tried to identify the vehicle by its license plate number, but the vehicle appeared to be new and did not have a license plate.



An unmarked police car arrived at the scene shortly after the suspects fled and witnesses told the officers in which direction to go. The Camaro was followed to the San Leandro BART station by witnesses where they were arrested. At this time, no information about the suspects is available. The case number is 06-34559.

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