August 24, 2006

Brian Copeland to Speak at Commonwealth Club

After a successful book-signing at Zocalo Coffeehouse - A World of Books sold all 74 copies of Not a Genuine Black Man - Brian Copeland will speak at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Tuesday August 29, 2006.

A wine and cheese reception is scheduled for 5:30pm and the program will start at 6pm. Prices are $12 for Commonwealth Club members and $18 for non-members. The Commonwealth Club is located at 595 Market Street in San Francisco.

From the Commonwealth Club web site: "Bay Area diversity has a downside. In 1972 African-American Copeland moved to San Leandro - which was, at the time, 99 percent white - and spent his youth struggling with racism and identity issues. As an adult, he turned his experiences into humor. His recently closed performance was the longest running one-man show in San Francisco history and is now headed off-Broadway. Come hear him talk about trying to be a kid and learning to be a man."

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