August 16, 2006

Copeland, S.L. racism mentioned in the Chronicle

From yesterday's Leah Garchick column in the San Francisco Chronicle

"The San Leandro Community Action Network is throwing a book party on
Thursday at Zocalo Coffee House for Brian Copeland. Copeland's
one-man show/book/forthcoming TV series, "Not a Genuine Black Man,"
is about his family moving to San Leandro in 1972, when the National
Committee Against Discrimination in Housing called it "a racist
bastion of white supremacy." Copeland says there's lately been a
local controversy over whether an official history of the town should
make reference to these not-so-shining aspects of its past.

Margarita Lacabe, one of the organizers of the book party, says that
although San Leandro is now home to people of many different origins
-- it is said to contain the fourth-biggest number of diverse
communities in any town in California -- "we are still surprised at
how strong the current of racism in this town can be.''

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Way to go Marga! Great quotes and a worthy cause!

Posted by: Tim Holmes at August 16, 2006 10:39 AM
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