July 29, 2006

Former Deli Owner Opening Elsewhere

According to the July 29, 2006 edition of the Tracy Press, the former owner of the San Leandro deli Vatran's Flying Sausages will be opening a store in Tracy soon.

From the article: "• A man named Peter Vatran, a Tracy resident who hails from western Romania, had a deli in San Leandro and owns the Xenia Bistro in Alamo. He also has the seasoning. In fact, he’s the distributor for Bacchetti and Baier.

Not only that, he plans to open an upscale shop in about a month on Mars Court, which is in south Tracy off Tracy Boulevard. The shop will be called Flying Sausages Charcuterie and Catering Co., and Vatran will sell his homemade sausages, barbecue sauces, vodka, bacon, ham — and the special beef seasoning, along with many others."

The deli Vatran used to own is now Joaquin Deli at 275 Joaquin Avenue.

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