July 18, 2006

Brian Copeland on People Magazine!

Brian Copeland continues to make news with his one-man show and his brand new book "Not a genuine black man". He's appearing on this week's People magazine (the one with Jennifer Anniton on the cover). He has his own page with a picture and a review of the book. It got 3 1/2 out of 4 stars!

Here is what Josh Emmons of PEOPLE wrote:

"Comedian Brian Copeland once got a letter accusing him of not being a
genuine black man, and his memoir would seem to support this. He doesn't
play basketball. He quotes James Garner from MAVERICK. He listens to Rick
Springfield. But the book does more than list his tastes; with humor and
pathos it traces a life spent dodging racial epithets from blacks and
whites (he's been called Oreo as often as the n-word) and achieving what
he sees as the true African American atribute: resilience. A native of the
once all-white San Leandro, Calif., he concludes that "no one person or
group...holds the monopoly on what in this society is the 'true' black
experience." He has demonstrated as much in this affecting book."

We weren't the only ones to notice Brian's appearance, The SF Chronicle's Lea Garchnik wrote this in today's paper:

"Brian Copeland's "Not a Genuine Black Man" book gets a 3 1/2-star review, with picture, in this week's People magazine. "I'm walking on air," he writes in an e-mail, "knowing that for the next week, 3.8 million Americans will be sitting in their dentists' offices and on their toilets looking at my mug." "

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