July 5, 2006

"Not a Genuine Black Man" now in stores

Not_a_Genuine_Black_Man.jpgNot a Genuine Black Man, Brian Copeland's autobiographical account of growing up black in all-white San Leandro, is now in (some) stores. The book's release date was/is July 11th, but some stores have it available already. So go and buy it!

The book is based on his one-man show, though it contains more details about San Leandro's history of discrimination. Early reviews on Amazon.com are glowing. They call it touching and humorous, it makes you laugh and cry - just like the reactions people have had to his show.

The book may also stand as the only serious account of this period in San Leandro's history. Earlier, the City of San Leandro commissioned an outline for a book on its history, but apparently cancelled the project when the writer proposed to write about housing discrimination in San Leandro during the 60's and 70's (see White Washing History in San Leandro).

If you haven't caught Copeland's show during its long run in San Fracisco, keep checking here as I hear he may do a few more shows later in the year, and of course we'll write about them if that's the case. There should also be book signings in the Bay Area later on.

More info on http://www.briancopeland.com/

Update: A World of Books at Pelton Center received copies of Copeland's book last week but has already sold out. More are scheduled to arrive on Monday, July 10, 2006.

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