June 29, 2006

Local Politicians Gather at Eden Medical Center

Local politicians representing school boards up to the state senate gathered at the Eden Medical Center on Thursday, June 29, 2006, for a "Meet your elected officials" event sponsored by the League of Women Voters of the Eden Area. San Leandro officials included City Council members Joyce Starosciak (Districe 4) and Bill Stephens (District 5) and recently elected Michael Gregory (District 1). Name tags had been prepared for Mayor Shelia Young, Surlene Grant, and Tony Santos, but they did not attend. Nor did School Board Trustee Linda Perry, who had been mistakenly listed as a member of the San Leandro City Council.

With 28 elected officials or their representatives in attendance, each official was allowed two minutes to speak. If there was a group of three of more officials, the group was allowed five minutes to speak.

Starosciak observed that the San Leandro City Council approved the budget at its June 19, 2006, meeting. She was pleased that Measure I, the business license fee, was passed with 67% of the vote. Starosciak said that the Finance Committee will meet to find a way to bring back the Cherry Festival, Sunday library hours, and a full complement of police staff. In her district, she noted that a new branch library and pool will open later this summer.

Stephens remarked that ancient Greeks required all citizens to serve and referred to it as a ride on the wild beast, because it was unpredictable. He said that he agreed with Starosciak's remarks and noted that they had served together on the San Leandro School Board. After he express his support for education, Stephens noted Gregory's work in obtaining a grant for Bancroft School's field and then thanked his wife Connie.

Gregory appeared somewhat reluctant to join Stephens and Starosciak at the podium as he will not be sworn in until January 2007 as the District 1 representative to the City Council. "I have about six months to learn," stated Gregory, before making a brief appeal for people to donate blood, as he supplies local hospitals with blood as part of his work for the American Red Cross.

Representatives Barbara Lee and Pete Stark sent representatives, since they were in Washington, D.C.

Ellen Corbett, Democratic nominee for State Senate said that she was "happy and lucky to be here and lucky to have your support" after a tough primary against Johan Klehs and John Dutra. She also noted that her Republican opponent, whom she did not name, has a lot of experience running for office. That opponent is San Leandro resident Lou Filipovich, who ran unsuccessfully for Alameda County Supervisor and San Leandro Mayor, but won the Republican nomination for State Senate.

Other elected officials included three members of the Alameda County Board of Education, two members of the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Board of Trustees, Janice Friesen of the Castro Valley School Board, two directors of the Oro Loma Sanitary District, three directors of the Castro Valley Sanitary District, Doug Siden of the East Bay Regional Parks District board of directors, three directors of the Eden Township Healthcare District, three Alameda County Supervisors, Hayward City Council Member Bill Quirk, two board members from the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association and Dennis Hayashi from the AC Transit Board of Directors.

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