June 7, 2006

Corbett vs. Filipovich in November!

Ellen Corbett will face off against the surprise Republican nominee Lou Filipovich for the 10th Senate State District seat in November.

With all precincts reporting, Corbett lead the Democratic candidates with 39.2% of the vote, followed by Johan Klehs with 31% and John Dutra with 29.8%. The battle for the Democratic nomincation for the 10th District Senate seat gained notoriety when the Californians for Civil Justice Reform entered the ring, spending $500,000 in the race. Other independent expenditures targeting candidates brought the total amount spent by independent expenditures to at least $1.5 million and likely close to $2 million.

Lou Filipovich, a San Leandro resident with a perennial habit of running for multiple offices, won the Republican nomination to the 10th District Senate seat with 58.2% of the vote to Laura Riffle's 41.8%. In the primary election this year, Filipovich also ran for Mayor of San Leandro and County Supervisor. In these races, Filipovich finished last with 5.83% and 3.46% of the vote respectively.

Update: Latest results from the California Secretary of State added on June 12, 2006.

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