May 27, 2006

Campaign Finance Disclosures for Mayoral Candidates Santos and Badger

As of May 20, 2006, Santos' campaign had $14,627 on hand after spending $17,881 and Badger's campaign had $3,323,94 on hand after spending $47,067.59 during the reporting period from March 18 to May 20.

Major contributions to Badger included $2000 from The Sentinels, $1500 from the Sunol Valley Golf Club, $1000 from John Gooding, a manager at the Quadric Group, $1000 from Madison Marquette, the owners of Bayfair, $1000 from Hayward attorney John Smith, and $1000 from Michael Mugel, CEO of Red Mountain Retail Group, a Santa Ana, Calif.-based developer and owner of shopping centers. Former San Leandro Mayor Jack Maltester and Planning Commission member Tom Dlugosh also contributed to Badger's campaign.

Major contributions to Santos included $2000 from The Sentinels, $1500 from the California Apartment Association PAC, and $1000 from Teamsters Local 70. Three other unions contributed $500 each. Mayor Sheila Young, School Board Trustee Stephen Cassidy, Planning Commision member Esther Holcomb and former City Council members Gordon Galvan and Kent Myers also contribited to Santos.

Notable expenditures for Santos include $2000 to Gilcrest Management for campaign consulting. Charles Gilcrest, who owns Gilcrest Management, is also on the Human Services Commission. Badger expenditures include $1700 to Kaidra Mitchell of San Francisco for campaign consulting, and $15,000 to The Lew Edwards Group for campaign consulting.

You can download CSV format files containing contributions from January 2005 to May 20, 2006 for Badger and Santos.

It is somewhat ironic that Santos voted to appoint Badger to the City Council on July 23, 2001. All city council members voted to appoint Badger, except Glenda Nardine, who voted for Dale Reed.

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