May 23, 2006

Conversation with Bill McCammon

I stopped by Bill McCammon's fund-raiser at Zocalo this evening to ask him a few questions. He was obviously uncomfortable answering them and cut me short in a rather undiplomatic manner, which of course limits his appeal to me. Clearly the man has not yet refined the political skills of his opponent (who, in our phone conversation, was warm, friendly and inviting).

That's too bad because the positions he expressed weren't bad. He's in favor of decriminalizing at least some victimless crimes, and treating the problems of drug addiction through treatment rather than the justice system. He believes we need to start early and invest more on education and giving kids a future. He'd get more money for schools both by making sure the Federal government gives California all the money it's entitled to under No Child Left Behind and disability programs, and by a putting a proposition in the ballot to allow increases of property taxes to fund schools with a 55% of the vote in favor. He's in favor of enforcing air standards on small engines (like lawnmowers). He would support legislation to stop people who commit crimes as minors from being able to be sentenced to life without parole. And he'd be in favor of the legislation that would make children under 13 and children up to 8 years old have to ride in the back seat. He was also in favor of motorcycle helmet laws on economic grounds (though apparently it seems that the motorcycle helmet law actually increases medical care costs as people who'd be dying outright, are now just get very injured).

I should say that when I asked him about prison reform, the first thing he did was mention his talk with the prison guard union - which of course, have been the ones that are making prison reform very difficult.

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