May 17, 2006

Reviews of Copeland's "Not a Genuine Black Man" in New York

Associated Press drama critic Michael Kuchwara reviewed Brian Copeland's Not a Genuine Black Man on Wednesday, May 17, 2006. Kuchwara liked Copeland's show and described Copeland as "a genial, accomplished raconteur..." and concludes, "The man refuses to be categorized. And it is that refusal to be stereotyped that makes "Not a Genuine Black Man" such an intriguing and entertaining evening."

In his review, New York Times critic Jason Zinoman writes, "But a funny thing happens when Mr. Copeland switches to his own voice. He sounds overwrought, false and, when the script calls for anger, oddly unconvincing. His personal tales are riveting, but the manner in which they are told makes it seem that Mr. Copeland might have been better off casting someone else to play himself. Sometimes a bit of artifice can seem more authentic than the real thing."

New York Post critic Frank Scheck's review is even more harsh: "It's a thematically ambitious concept and, while he has some interesting stories to tell, he doesn't quite manage to weave his disparate strands together...There's an awkwardness to the piece's structure and transitions that reveals his theatrical inexperience... Not helping matters is his forced delivery, infused with a comic overemphasis..."

Michael Summers' review in the Newark Star-Ledger lamentsn that the show "...for all of its honest humor and candid social insights has its occasional lulls..."

From the New Yorker: "...this one-man show has a motormouth verbal energy and an appealing emotional honesty. Copeland moves past the distracting rhythms of standup comedy early in the show to let his gift for ambiguity take over."

And a similar summary of the reviews from

And finally, this item from Leah Garchik in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Copeland's show at the DR2 Theater continues until July 30. Tickets are available at or by calling (212) 239-6200/

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