May 15, 2006

Planning Commission Recommends Blocking Traffic at Dangerous Intersection

In its meeting on May 11, 2006, the San Leandro Planning Commission decided to recommend blocking Castro Street traffic from being able to cross San Leandro Boulevard. This solution was recommended by the Engineering staff after a report completed by Dowling Associates, Inc. in February 2005 entitled "Analysis of High Collision Locations in San Leandro."

The recommended solution, estimated to cost $50,000, consists of a concrete S-shaped barrier that will allow left turns from San Leandro Boulevard onto Castro Street, but will prevent traffic from Castro Street from crossing San Leandro Boulevard. The propsed barrier is shown in the following photo from the report:


The report noted, "A possible cause of the collisions may be poor judgment of the crossing distance by drivers on Castro Street. This theory is supported by the fact that over half of the right-angle collisions occurred at the far side of the intersection. The remaining collisions mostly involved eastbound Castro Street traffic and northbound San Leandro Boulevard traffic, with poor sight distance considered a possible cause. High speeds on Castro Street and violation of stop controls may also contribute to the high collision rate. It was observed that some vehicles did not abide by the stop sign if there were traffic gaps on San Leandro Boulevard wide enough for more than one vehicle to cross."

The council's recommendation was unanimous.

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