May 10, 2006

Conversation with Diana Souza

I had a very pleasant conversation with City Council candidate Diana Souza who called me after I left an e-mail in her website. We talked about eminent domain, and she says that she would evaluate those situations in a case by case basis. She wouldn’t be opposed to using it on a single house in the middle of an industrial zone, but she doesn’t like the idea of using it on multiple houses in areas marked for redevelopment. I mentioned the proposed “Bus Rapid Transit”, a rapid bus which would occupy a dedicated lane of East 14th street beginning on 2009. She hadn’t heard about this AC Transit proposal before but felt it was probably not a good idea. I also mentioned the use of red light cameras, an issue she supports. She was under the impression they improve safety at the intersections with them, something which several studies done on the matter question. I will e-mail her those studies so she can evaluate them. She believes improving relations with the School Board is very important, and says she has worked on this issue within the Parks & Recreations Committee. She didn’t give me any specific examples of how she’d make communication with them more effective. Finally, she supports extended hours for the library and re-funding the Cherry Festival.

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