August 10, 2004

Ross opens an even cheaper store in San Leandro

Pleasanton-based Ross Stores opens a new discount store today called dd's DISCOUNTS at 561 Floresta Blvd. in the Washington and Floresta Shopping Center. According to Ross spokeswoman Katie Loughnot, the average price for an item at dd's DISCOUNTS is $8 while the average price for an item at Ross is $10. According to the press release, dd's DISCOUNTS is targeting household incomes of $30,000 to $40,000, which is $10,000 to $20,000 less than Ross' target market.

The new store is located where the seasonal Halloween store shows up every year.

See the Ross press release here.

The official grand opening is on Saturday, August 14, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held Friday, August 20.

Two more stores will open this week in Vallejo and Fresno. Seven other stores will open in the next two months in the Sacramento, Fresno, and Oakland metropolitan areas.

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