July 7, 2004

Smoky Scare at Oasis Laundry

Neighbors near the intersection of E. 14th Street and Estabrook Street spotted smoke coming from the roof of Oasis Laundry Wednesday night. Fortunately, there was smoke, but no fire. It turned out that some laundry had overheated in one of the laundromat's dryers.

An employee of the laundromat and the owner of the neighboring El Novillo Restaurant were inspecting the roof and neighbors were hosing down the roof as three fire engines arrived to assess the situation. After a group of firefighters entered the building, two firefighters climbed a ladder onto the roof.

A short while later, firefighters brought out two laundry carts of what appeared to be small pieces of white carpeting. Many of the pieces were smoking and some were red-hot and gave off sparks as the firefighters spilled them onto the parking lot outside the laundromat. The firefighters watered down the smoking carpet pieces and later placed a fan at the entrance of the laundromat to blow remaining smoke out of the building.

According to the manager, the damage to the laundromat was limited to some smoke damage from the dryer where the carpet pieces had been placed.

One of the fire trucks responding to the smoke at Oasis Laundry
One of the fire trucks responding to the smoke at Oasis Laundry.
The source of the smoke at Oasis Laundry
The carpet pieces that overheated in the dryer at Oasis Laundry.
Posted by Mike Katz-Lacabe at July 7, 2004 10:40 PM
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