June 22, 2004

Revised San Leandro Budget

A revised San Leandro budget was presented at the June 21, 2004, meeting of the San Leandro City Council. In the working session a week earlier, the main option for securing extra revenue was a $5.85 million parcel tax. After taking into account suggestions from last week's working session, City Manager John Jermanis proposed bridging the $5.85 million budget gap by instituting a new 911 communication fee to raise $2.35 million and sending a parcel tax totaling $3.5 million to the voters in November.

Heidi Finberg, representing the San Leandro Chamber of Commerce, said that while the Chamber spoke in favor of an increase in the business license fee at the working session a week earlier, it didn't object to a parcel tax if it contained a sunset clause (which would automatically repeal the tax after a certain amount of time), there was a moratorium on business license fee increases, and the parcel tax reflected the business and residential use of public safety services.

The City Council voted unanimously to adopt the budget for fiscal year 2004-2005. The exact details of the proposed ballot measure for the parcel tax and the 911 fee will be presented at the July 5, 2004, meeting of the City Council.

The City Council also voted 6-1 to adopt a somewhat controversial ordinance establishing a business improvement district (BID) to fund the West San Leandro Shuttle. The dissenting vote was cast by Council Member Glenda Nardine.

Mayor Sheila Young suggested that an ad-hoc committee be formed to come up with alternative funding for the Cherry Festival, Miracle on E. 14th Street, and Sausage and Suds events since funding for these activities was significantly reduced or eliminated in the proposed budget. At the end of the meeting, council members Orval Badger and Tony Santos agreed to join Young on the committee.

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