April 27, 2004

San Leandro Tops Bay Area Handgun Sales in 2000

According to a report by the University of California, Davis Violence Prevention Research Program, San Leandro had 4,253 handgun sales in 2000. This made San Leandro tops in Bay Area gun sales and fifth in sales in California. Trader Sports at 685 East 14th Street was responsible for sales of 3,858 handguns in 2000, making it the top handgun retailer in California in 2000. Since Trader Sports is closed on Sunday, that's an average of more than 12 handguns sold each day it's open. Alas, since Trader Sports claims to "specialize in individual police officer, city, county, state and police department sales," we don't know how many of those handgun sales were not related to law enforcement or government sales. The authors of the report note, "We have also excluded transactions involving the operations of the Department of Justice itself and certain other transactions."

Trader Sports also had the largest number of denied handgun sales, with 104 sales denied. Forty-three handgun sales were denied because the person was prohibited from buying a handgun and 61 gun sales were denied because they exceeded the one-gun-a-month limit.

Posted by Mike Katz-Lacabe at April 27, 2004 8:30 AM
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