March 2, 2004

Why I Don't Like Term Limits

So today, we got to vote in the primary for the upcoming November elections. Pete Stark was running unopposed for his House of Representatives seat, which is good. He consistently wins elections by a wide margin because the people he represents are generally happy with his work.

However, California legislators are stuck with term limits, which means that we citizens cannot consistently vote for the same legislator with whom we are happy and satisfied. And what happens to the legislators when they are "term-limited" out of office? Do they retire to private life? Of course not? They run for a different office. Witness Johan Klehs, a former member of the San Leandro City Council (1978-82), who served from 1982-94 in the California State Assembly, and on the California Board of Equalization from 1995 to 2003. After an unsuccessful bid for State Controller in the 2002 primary, he's running unopposed in today's primary for State Assembly again because Ellen Corbett is being forced out by term limits.

So term limits means that our elected officials play political musical chairs as they jump from office to office. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Sigh.......

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