February 23, 2004

LaRouche Supporters on Upcoming Ballot

If you've been to a meeting of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee where the police have been called to deal with unruly Lyndon LaRouche supporters or to one of Congressman Pete Stark's town hall meetings where they've been equally disruptive, then you know how "interesting" some of these folks are.

If you don't know them, rest assured that you don't want them representing you, so don't vote for the following candidates in the upcoming election:

  • Andrew F. Laverdiere - District 18

  • Judith Wierenga Nuerge - District 16

  • Jason Ross - District 16

  • Summer Shields - District 16

  • Sylvia Spaniolo - District 16

  • Christopher "Charlie Spies" - District 16

  • Jonathan David Stuart - District 16

  • Oyang Teng - District 16

So, why shouldn't you vote for them? Because they support or are endorsed by Lyndon LaRouche, who makes Ross Perot look utterly normal and boring by comparison. His Northern California campaign headquarters are in San Leandro, which is a testament to the diversity and tolerance this city has achieved. But while that's nice, electing them to an office, any office, is a different matter. Here's an article from the Daily Californian.

Posted by Mike Katz-Lacabe at February 23, 2004 9:53 PM | TrackBack

I don't see why people get so frizzled when smart young people begin to takeover! As for LaRouche, you should all read him. Few people have had his insight into the true intentions of the crowd running and within the current George "43" Bush Administration.

Visit our youth movement site and get excited about politics and an international economic solution!


Posted by: Summer Shields at March 16, 2006 8:25 PM
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